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We can fully translate your website for foreign markets around the globe.  When your website is translated in French, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish and English, you are reaching 90%of the online population.  BelTranslation specializes in website translation and daily maintenance translation when required.

Our team of experienced native translators and proofreaders will contextualize your marketing website.  We will make sure that the translation is culturally adapted to your target audience.  The localization of your website will expand your business in the global market place.

Studies clearly show that a website in the mother language of the reader quadruples the effectiveness of the message of the website.  Our professional translators know how to translate your website in the mentality of your target audience.

If your website requires daily news or weekly updating, BelTranslation will do this on time.  Within hours after receiving your “update”, we can send you an accurate translation.  We have translators standing by who will be assigned to your website translation project.

When you are a client of BelTranslation

  • Your satisfaction is very important to us.
  • We are punctual in delivering your translation on time.
  • Your translation project is treated with utmost confidentiality.
  • We fully guarantee our translation to meet the most demanding customer.

BeltTranslation delivers on time and when you need it.

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