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The contemporary society is often characterized as “information oriented society”. It is the information that has become the main power that drives global changes in the world over the past decades as well as nowadays. All that is related to information, its collecting, processing and distributing, attracts intense interest in the modern world, as the importance of information and its influence on the current processes within the society are constantly rising. And information technologies have become the real support, pivot and mover of the most significant social, economic, politic and cultural processes of the 21st century. The same as the industry rapid development resulted in the industrial society in the past, new information technologies has become the decisive issue in shaping the information society of today.

In this context, the importance of information dissemination channels, such as information agencies, is permanently increasing. It is known, that the first similar agencies appeared in the mid-19thcentury. In those days they worked for other mass media as news providers. However, information agencies quickly took their special and unique place in the mass communication media system because they built foundation for news journalism, and, essentially, for all journalism on the whole. They werethefirst to inform about significant events all over the world, giving other mass media possibilities to evaluate the news and add their comments. Information agencies were and are considered as one of the major subjects of media processes, which substantially determine information flows content and their thematic scope. Generally speaking, the “news picture” for each country and for the whole world mostly depends oneverydayworkof information agencies.

It should be noted that the significance of news and urgent information is continuously growing in contemporary journalism. The information richness, objectivity, accuracy and immediacy are distinctive features of information agencies that has becomethefirst-priority characteristic of their activities.

The increasing importance of information agencies is also specified by the fact that they have become serving as a channel of influential finance and economic information having an effect on stock, currency and other markets around the world. Their immediate information feed results in currency exchange rate fluctuations, drop or rise of stock indices, companies ruining or enriching, and even to the aggravation of social situation at the state level, as it is seen at present in terms of global financial crisis. Today, information agencies are not only theservice to financial flows, but rather guide them, directing to promising growing fields, investment-attractive companies, industries and even regions.

In this regard it should be mentioned that the habitual status of an information agency as a large reputable company with a numerous staff is not always appropriate to the information market entities. Some of them can have just a few employees or even consist of a single journalist, who acts as a media intermediary.

The increase of speed, credibility and reliability of reports, as well as the desire for widening the circle of foreign subscribers promote successful development of such agencies, working in the conditions of intense competition with each other. The translation agency «BELTRANSLATION INTERNATIONAL» can become your safe partner in this field of your company’s activities. The agency has a continuous and successful experience in rendering its services to information agencies and other organizations that periodically provide their clients with updated information of the global level, and in TRANSLATING NEWS BULLETINS to any world’s languages (click the link to our website).

Let’s think that for the purpose of economy you made up your mind to use a machine translation system. This only step will lead to a very awkward situation regarding your agency’s reputation, as the information becomes so misrepresented that is likely to make no sense. The credibility and reliability of the reports in NEWS BULLETIN TRANSLATIONS can be guaranteed by the «BELTRANSLATION  INTERNATIONAL» translators who specialize in any economic activity fields, finance, Forex, politics, economics, sports etc.

The added value of translation services rendered by our agency is that the translators are ready to make translation of NEWS BULLETINS of any difficulty and in any field into any world’s languages practically in real time, with the time lag of about one hour only (except for exotic languages) and at the same time they guarantee the high quality of their translations.

We render services on the translation of NEWS BULLETINS of any publication frequency: daily, weekly, monthly issues etc., to organizations which periodically provide their clients with the updated information on the global level to multilingual clients.

After signing a contract with the translation agency «BELTRANSLATION  INTERNATIONAL» you will not have to maintain a numerous staff of permanent translators and to increase your office space.

Working with our regular clients, we apply a flexible discount system.

Only for the clients who have made contracts for rendering NEWS BULLETIN TRANSLTION services for at least one year, the agency will make a free translation (1-2) of advertisements (1,800 characters) to increase the number of your new foreign subscribers.

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