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Posted by  admin Posted On  August 7th, 2014
Many enterprises use online translation tools to translate lengthy documents within a shorter span of time. But unlike human beings, these tools lack the power to think and understand the essence of the document. So the tools can translate the document word by word. Also, the documents translated using these tools are often erroneous and fail maintain the writing style of the source documents. (more…)
Posted by  admin Posted On  July 31st, 2014
A business has several options to get a document translated into multiple languages. Along with hiring a professional translator who is proficient in both languages, it also has option to use a translation software program. A simple web search will get you information about loads of free and commercial translation software programs available in the market. In comparison to a professional translator, the translation software can translate long documents in an instant. (more…)
Posted by  admin Posted On  July 25th, 2014
There are several instances when big problems are caused due to minor translation mistakes. Also, a person speaking two languages fluently may not know how to translate a document with impeccable precision. Like other professional skills, translation skills also require professionals to invest a significant amount of time and efforts. (more…)

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