Why Hire a Native Translator for Your Document Translation Project

Posted by  admin Posted On  July 25th, 2014

There are several instances when big problems are caused due to minor translation mistakes. Also, a person speaking two languages fluently may not know how to translate a document with impeccable precision. Like other professional skills, translation skills also require professionals to invest a significant amount of time and efforts.

So while hiring a professional to translate your documents, it becomes essential to check his qualification and background. Likewise, you need to check if the professional translation service provider deploys native translators who can translate the document with impeccable precision to create the desired impact on the target audience.

As the native translator has grown up speaking the language, he can choose the right structure and terminology to connect with the target audience. Also, an experienced native translator understands the common translational difficulties, while being familiar with the conventions of translating. So he can make the translated document more impactful by handling dialect, grammar, word choice and other conflicts efficiently.

Advantages of Hiring a Native Translator for Your Document Translation Project

Eliminate Grammatical Mistakes

The grammar of individual languages differs dramatically from each other. Each language further uses grammar in a slightly different way. For instance, the verb is often placed at the end of the sentence. So the readers have to identify the noun the verb is linked to. When the translator is proficient in the native tongue, he can translate your document with proper sentence flow and without any grammatical error.

Use of Proper Terminology

There are many instances when a single mistranslated word has a huge impact on the translated document. For instance, a non-English translator may find it difficult to understand the exact meaning of peculiar phrases like “baker’s dozen.” The translator must be proficient in English to understand that the phrase actually means 13 of something, and no way related to any baked product. Thus, the native translator can easily pick the most appropriate words to make the translated document connect with the target audience.

Understand Different Dialects

Based on their geographical location, people’s phrases and word choices differ. When a document targets readers based on their physical location, it becomes essential for the translator to differentiate dialects. For instance, the people in east coast ask for soda, whereas the people in Midwest ask for pop. So only a native translator can distinguish between dialects, and choose the right phrases to convey the desired messages to the target audience, instead of delivering a literal translation.

At BelTranslation, our native translators are passionate about impressing clients by translating the documents with impeccable precision and accuracy. As each member of your team has over 5 years experience in translating a wide range of documents, we can deliver highest quality translation services, regardless of the requirements of the client.

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