3 Simple Ways to Effectuate Foreign Language Translation

Posted by  admin Posted On  August 7th, 2014

Many enterprises use online translation tools to translate lengthy documents within a shorter span of time. But unlike human beings, these tools lack the power to think and understand the essence of the document. So the tools can translate the document word by word. Also, the documents translated using these tools are often erroneous and fail maintain the writing style of the source documents.

So a business must avail professional language services to create the desired impact on the target audience. However, a business must understand ask the translator several questions to determine his foreign language translation skills and expertise. Normally, the translator must keep in mind three basic rules to effectuate foreign language translation.

1) Keep the Specific Target Audience in Time

Translating a document into a foreign language is just like creating fresh content. Like the source document, the translated content also needs to create the desired impact on the target audience. So the translator must translate the document into a foreign language by keeping in mind the specific target audience. He must translate each word and phrase with special care. At the same time, the translator can make the translated document more impactful by using the most appropriate terminology, acronyms and plays-on-words.

2) Consider the Expansion Factor

Instead of translating a document word by word, the translator must make room for expansion. While translating a document from one language to another, there are chances that the word counts may differ. Some languages also require additional words to convey the exact meaning of the source document. Likewise, there are also chances that the word count of the translated document may be lesser than that of the source document. It is always important for the translator to understand the expansion factor to make the translated document more relevant and impactful for the specific target audience.

3) Proofread the Translated Document thoroughly

Often the quality of the translated document is affected due to inadequate proofreading. The translator must remember that the quality of the translated document can be hugely impacted by common typos, spelling errors, incorrect punctuation and omitted words. He must proofread the translated document several times to identify and fix these typesetting mistakes. He can even avail the assistance of other translators to proofread the document more thoroughly.

BelTranslation has a team of native translators with adequate expertise in foreign language translations. The professionals spend some time to understand the document completely to help clients in achieving the desired results by providing the most effective foreign language translation services.

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