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Posted by  admin Posted On  September 17th, 2014
The globalization of business has made it essential for organizations to communicate their financial information in multiple languages. Along with translating the financial information into a number of languages, the business further needs to ensure that the investors, clients, suppliers and other stakeholder receive 100% accurate and precise financial information. A minor error by the translator can have a huge impact on the business’s reputation and credibility. (more…)
Posted by  admin Posted On  September 15th, 2014
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According to Telegraph.co.uk, “British diplomats are given extra allowances for each “hard” foreign language they learn, the money varying according to the difficulty of the language and the level of expertise reached. In happier times, these allowances were paid for a few years after a diplomat had left the country concerned." (more…)
Posted by  admin Posted On  August 21st, 2014
Many reports have highlighted that most customers, nowadays, carry out pre-purchase research online. So it has become essential for each business to provide the most relevant and valuable information to the prospects. The way a business conveys the information will have a huge impact on converting the prospects into customers and retaining existing customers. But many businesses ignore the significance of website content translation and localization. (more…)
Posted by  admin Posted On  August 13th, 2014
The advancement in information technology has made it easier for businesses to offer their products or services to customers residing in different parts of the world. But each business has to localize its marketing campaign to connect with the people residing in a specific region. Also, the company must add new languages to its website to create the desired impact of specific customers. However, there are still many companies who do not understand how business translation services can help them

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