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A PDF copy of the translated document along with a CERTIFICATE OF ACCURACY with a US PUBLIC NOTARY SEAL will be delivered to your email within 24-48 hours. The original copy will be mailed to your delivery address as indicated on the Order form.

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Major Languages We Support

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Hindi
  • Korean

  • 90 other languages.

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What Our Clients Say ?

BelTranslation is one of the largest providers of Notarized Translation Services in the USA and is recognized as an important Translation Service provider for USCIS.

Professional Notarized Translation Service

Professional Translation for Your Important Documents
We understand the importance of your immigration, legal, birth, marriage or other personal certificate translations for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services or Citizenship of any other country. We’ve served thousand of clients across the globe because of our fast turnaround, low costs and amazing customer service.

Why Notarized Translation?
The lack of clarity in technical, commercial or diplomatic translation can result in serious consequences. These could be: copyright and contract violations, human rights violation, even business and material loss. In order for a translated document to be considered to have legal validity, it must be notarized by a recognized representative from the office of the Secretary of State. Otherwise, it is just a “story on a piece of paper,” with no legal power and unable to be used as evidence in legal matters.

Which Documents mostly require Notarized Translation?
  • Passports
  • Death Certificates
  • High School Transcripts
  • Depositions
  • Driver's Licenses
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Medical Records
  • Asylum Statements
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Criminal Records
  • Legal Statements
  • Academic Degrees/Diplomas
  • Adoption Papers
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Interviews
  • Naturalization Papers
and many other personal documents.

Why Use BelTranslation?

The Best Translators
BelTranslation hires only the best translators and linguists from around the world through a rigorous screening process including many native speakers which help us to maintain the quality of our services to our customers.

Strict Standards
Notarized Translations are strict in nature and are governed by local laws in each country. They are generally exact translations of the source document and are accompanied with a specific clause and signature from the certifier (a qualified translator) and a Public Notary stamp. Our notarized translations consist of the following:
  • The translated document in the target language accompanied with a specific clause and signature from the certifier (see below samples in PDF format).
  • A Certificate of Accuracy letter with the Public Notary signature and stamp (see below samples in PDF format), affixed to the translated document.
  • The full name of the translator, as well as his/her signature.
  • A printed copy of the original document.
Best Pricing
We follow best business ethics and offer a transparent pricing for all our services.

  • We charge only $29.50 per page of translation up to 250 words.
  • Notarization and Printing the original "Certificate of Accuracy" throughout the United States is $19.00.
  • All prices for notarized translations include a 20 percent discount on every first order.
We accept payments via PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express.

Privacy & Security
All our translators are bound by commercial confidentiality and corporate non-disclosure agreement. We guarantee 100% confidentiality to our customers.

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  • Responsive and dedicated team members
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  • Confidentiality assurance
  • Standard quality of product

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