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Software Translation vs. Human Translation

Software Translation vs. Human Translation

Many enterprises nowadays replace humans with machines to make the processes efficient and reduce operational cost. But many enterprises often fail to understand the simple fact that all human activities cannot be automated. A number of studies have shown a gradual increase in the number of organizations using specialized translation software and tools to translate a variety of content without incurring additional expenses.

What are the differences between a translator and interpreter?

However, the large enterprises still deploy skilled and native translators to generate translated content that keep the readers engaged and convert them into customers. Hence, many organizations find it daunting to choose from software translation and human translation. It is always important for the organization to understand the key differences between the two content translation options to make the right decision.

Differences between Software Translation and Human Translation

Method and Technique

The algorithm used by individual translation software applications differs. Most software tools translate content word by word without considering their meaning and readability. Also, the tools often do not understand the grammar, expression and subtleties required to keep the translated content engaging. On the other hand, the native translators always decide the writing style and techniques based on the objective of individual projects. They use the right grammar, expression and subtleties to make the translated content relevant for the targeted users. Also, the content translated by human translators is effective in conveying the required information to each reader.

Quality of Translated Content

The websites and mobile apps have made it easier for businesses to offer their products and services to customers residing in various regions. But each business must use translated content that keep the users engaged and convert them into customers. When an enterprise deploys skilled and native translators, it becomes easier to generate translated content that connects with the users. The native translators understand the nuisances of the local language, and translate the content more effectively. The translation software often lacks the capability to generate translated content by using the most appropriate grammar, expressions, slangs and subtleties. Hence, these tools often fail to produce translated content that is readable and engaging.


Each enterprise has option to choose from a variety of translation software applications and tools. Some of these software applications are open source and free, whereas others are licensed and commercial. The small businesses and start-ups often opt for free translation tools to save money. They can even use a single tool to get a variety of content translated on a regular basis. But the large organizations always deploy native translator to generate high quality and engaging translated content despite incurring additional expenses.


Unlike human translators, translation software are effective in maintain consistency while translating technical content. There are a number of translation tools that use artificial intelligence (IE) techniques to store and access the existing translated content. These tools use specific terminology and phrasing based on the existing translated content to make the translated technical documents look consistent. However, the tools can maintain consistency efficiently only when the content is concise and technical. On the other hand, the human translators can maintain consistency across a wider range of content to meet the branding strategy of individual enterprises.

On the whole, an organization can save money by translating content through specialized software applications and web-based tools. It also has option to choose from many commercial and free translation software. But the content translated through specialized software applications often fail to convey information in a relevant and personalized way to targeted users and customers. Hence, many enterprises prefer human translation to software translation to keep the readers engaged and convert them into customers.


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  • Responsive and dedicated team members
  • Quick response to all inquiries within 30 minutes
  • Cost-effective, Quick turnaround
  • Confidentiality assurance
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