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Localization vs. Translation

Localization vs. Translation

An enterprise can easily offer its products to customers residing in different regions through its website and mobile app. But it cannot keep the users engaged and convert them into customers by communicating with them only in English. The business must communicate with each user in his native language to convey the required information clearly and seduce him to buy the products. Hence, enterprises explore ways to make the website and mobile app provide relevant content to each user in his native language.

While converting original content into a foreign language, the translators need to combine a number of techniques to make the content more engaging and appealing. Nowadays, many enterprises look for translators who can product translated content by targeting the customers residing in a specific region. The professionals need to express the text exactly in a foreign language to convey all information accurately to the readers. At the same time, they also need to localize the translated content to make their more relevant for a specific target market.

Content Translation

The term translation refers to converting content written in the source language to target language literally or word for word. The technique enables the translators to convey the original information fully and exactly to the readers speaking a foreign language. While translating content, the translators focus only on grammar and syntax. Hence, they fail to match up the source and target language text efficiently by translating the content literally. There are many idioms and phrases in English that lose their original sense while being translated to a foreign language. For instance, a simple idiom like “easy as pie” cannot be translated literally and embedded smoothly into foreign language text.

Content Localization

The professionals need to localize the translated content to make them relevant for the specific target market. They have to localize the content while translating from the source language to target language. In addition to focusing on the grammar and syntax, the translators make several changes to the translated content to make them relevant for the people who speak a different language. Hence, they must include specific idioms and phrases in the translated content to keep the readers engaged and convey the required information. However, a translator must be proficient in the native language and understand the target culture fully to localize the content seamlessly as part of translation process.

Difference between Translation and Localization

Nowadays, translation and localization are not considered as two distinct processes. Many enterprises opt for native translators to make the translated content more impactful for the specific target market. Like conventional translators, modern professionals also focus on grammar and syntax while expressing content written in a different language. But they avoid translating the source content literally or word for word. They use specific phrases and idioms to adapt the translated content for the targeted market or culture. Also, they ignore the literal meaning of the source content and do not try to match up the source language text and target language text.

On the whole, an enterprise has option to choose from translation and localization based on two key criterions – nature of the content and the target audience. Normally, the technical content requires the source language text and target language text to match up exactly. Hence, an enterprise can get the technical content translated literally. On the other hand, the enterprise needs the marketing and website content that keep the readers engaged and convert them into customers. Hence, the business must combine translation and localization to make the target language text more relevant and impactful for the people belonging to a different culture or speaking a different language.

Why Translation Glossary is Important?

Daily News Translation Services finds major importance in the world due to its diversified languages and migration of people of different language to different parts of the world for citizenship and immigration services.

A glossary is used by a translator to identify the terms that should not be translated, such as the name of the company, some names of the products and the meaning of any terminology that is unique to the business.

The lack of clarity in the machine and technical translation leads to serious consequences. Therefore, any document to obtain legal validity requires notarization by a recognised representative from the office of the secretary of State.

Beltranslation is one of the leading providers of notarized translation services in the USA who can provide professional translation for important documents.

Daily News Translation Services includes:

(1) Before translation the news items are automatically categorised on the source side.

(2) Daily News translation is optimised by recognising and extracting them on the source side and by re-inserting their translation in the target language.

(3) Translation of various news titles are done with a separate translation system which is optimised for the specific style of news titles.

(4) Daily news translation services must be optimised for speed in order to handle the large volume of daily news articles.

Uses of glossary:

Glossary is used to create unity across content

The translator hired often will be an outsider. Moreover several translators are required from different regions who speak different languages due to which there are a need to make sure these translators understand the type and terminology as per the requirement of the company. A glossary helps the translators to easily co-ordinate themselves according to the needs of the company and provides translations that accurately depict the voice of the company.

Glossary is also used to speed up the process

Translating content becomes much quicker when the translator can easily recognise the language, brand and knows the meaning of special terminologies made for the products. Communicating pattern and guidelines separately to each translator takes a significant amount of time along with the information that can easily become fractured which becomes difficult to track. Therefore, a translation glossary, have a centralized source of information that makes it easier for employees to update and translate the documents in minimum time required.

Translation glossary or guidelines helps to increase accuracy

Glossaries ensure the company-approved meanings and translations are communicated to translators in the best possible way. Glossaries help to clear up various confusions and enable the translators to produce accurate translations.

Documents that mostly require translation are:

Daily news and legal documents majorly requires the need of translation like:

  • Death Certificates
  • Depositions
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Academic Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Medical Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Adoption Papers
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Passports

The above mentioned important documents can be easily translated by leading providers of notarized translation services known as Beltranslation.

About Beltranslation

Beltranslation includes the best translators:

It hires only the best translator and linguists from around the world through a strict screening process.

Beltranslation has strict standards:

Notarized Translations are strict in nature and are governed by local laws in each country.

The translated document in the target language accompanied with a specific clause and signature from the certifier.

Certificate of accuracy letter with the public notary signature and stamp affixed to translate document.

They provide best pricing for different types of documents.

For further details about the languages, types and procedure of translation please visit

Website Translation – Just a Click Away

Internet is an amazing thing. It has helped us to remove the boundaries o the various countries and converted the world into a global business platform. It has provided us with the power to reach out to various locations of the world with our product or services without leaving the comfort of our home or office. It has also helped us to gain a huge customer base and also seek out ideas from far and wide.

Website Translation Solution

However, in order to reach out to various regions of the world it is important that we know the various languages that these regions speak. Although English is officially accepted all around, yet providing your customers with a business website in their native language helps you to provide them with a personal touch. It also shows them that you take time to make them feel special, which makes everyone happy.

When you think of globalization of your business, it also means that you have to reach out to various regions of the world with various native languages that they speak. It is not possible for a single person to master all these languages in a single lifetime. This is where website translation services come in.

BelTranslation offers you with unmatched website translation services which will help you to grow your business to new heights. When you are in search for complete website translation services you can blindly rest your faith on BelTranslation. They are cost effective and have a very fast response rate which is beneficial for your business. BelTranslation offers website translation services in multiple languages such as French, Arabic, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish as well as English. With these many languages at bay, you will be able to reach out to as much as 90% of the people who access the web each day all around the world.

BelTranslation is very reputed for their website translation services because customer satisfaction is their primary motto. Their services are very punctual and also confidential which means your data is safe with them. Apart from complete website translation services, they also provide you with regular maintenance services by translating your weekly or daily news section on your website. With the website translation services of BelTranslation, you will be able to localize your business on a global platform which will help you to quadruple your website traffic. This ensures an increased customer base for your business.

But you must be thinking why choose BelTranslation when there are so many other website translation services available? Well, BelTranslation services are some of the best website translation services available in the market. Their staffs are very knowledgeable and experienced which makes them an expert in their field. BelTranslation knows that a minor flaw in the website translation services can cost you a lot on the business front. This is why they pay importance to the accuracy of the website translation services they provide you with. They always strive to choose people with years of languages and in most cases who are natives of the region so that they know the language like the back of their hands.

Now you are completely aware of the necessities of website translation services and you also know that BelTranslation is the best service provider you will come across. So what are you still thinking about? Avail the website translation services of BelTranslation and globalize your business today. You can drop in your details and queries at, mail them your queries at or simply call them up at their official phone number for details.

4 notarization translation tips to ensure a quality translation

Website translation services is the major bridge which helps one to go global, it ensures to break the barrier that stops once from reaching the other side of the world. For any company that would like to branch as a multi-national firm with branches around the world, it is important to ensure that with partnership and laws related to each of the country, it is important to translate and notarize each and every document. It is important to ensure that the confidential documents should be properly notarized using the best of the available Notarized Translation Services in town.

Whenever there’s money involved where the parties exchanging doesn’t belong to the same place and moreover, don’t talk the same language it is pretty vital to have documents present in both the languages. It is important to get in touch with professional companies like for proper website translation services and Notarized Translation Services to be on the safer end and also ensure that no pitfalls or loopholes are missed during the transactions. Providing all the documents in each of their language also ensures that there is good understanding between the clients as well, this ensures trustworthiness.

As each client is different from one another, the regulations, rules and business tactics differ from country to country. Only with properly translated documents and Notarization at all one can ensure that there are no flaws in the way that a business or anything related to happen.

Get it Notarized with Beltranslations

Beltranslation is one of the finest international translation company which are well known for the services that unifies the whole world, and helps each and every client to globalize their business. They connect the farthest ends of the world through proper and professional translation and notarization work. Beltranslation have the best of the employees who are pretty well versed with translations and notarizations, they are the experts who take acute care in processing the documents on time and keep up the promise every time.

They have 24/7 support with various modes of communication and the rates are always nominal. So get in touch with the professionals to get all your documents a refreshing makeover, translation, notarization and other services required.

The experts here are equipped enough; for now there are works that involve news translation to bring the right information from around the world. Marketing is a vital part to globalize, In here, the marketing materials are translated which helps in globally being the marketing leads to get more clients and exposure required according to the type of business. For travel agencies that work across the world, the translations and notarization is necessary to bring out a branch and also advertise to gain the travelers trust. All travel related documents are properly translated. Finance translations are very sensitive as it involves lots of money, so the best of professionals are appointed to translate the same. All the employees are certified professionals in this arena.

Contact us at to get your business worldwide in no time. Beltranslations also do business related translation right from product information to the manuals. Technicial translations are done with the help of professionals trained for it. Even book are translated from one language to another by our professionals, there are umpteen books that made it huge due to translation services of Beltranslations. We are certified translators who notarize the original documents by web translating service provides who help in understanding in detail about how authentic and detailed the documents presented are to trust and take the business a forward.


Best Language Translation Services in Over than 90 Languages at BelTranslation

Any CEO, would fantasy a multi-national company that would dependably be the aspiring target, however, for enough said reasons it is kept delayed. It’s high time to stop subliming the contemplations and reach, one best organization that lifts up other organization all around the world with flawless data interpretation and conversions. They envelop language translations that incorporates legitimate attempts to Website Translation Services with precision in significance. Bel translation helps in establishing worldwide with expansion over from nowhere to global state with every work, all translation assignments are taken care by bel translation servicing professionals.

Website translation or any data for that matter, is not around an equivalent diction of the other language in which it has to be translated.It varies from an extraordinary manage to the precision of what the record means or discusses and not simply deciphering it word by word. It is likewise imperative, to look after data security, and to keep off from leaking the sensitive information. Here in bel interpretations, records are given amazing consideration and security is kept up to the utmost level. Data breach is next to impossible with Bel Translations.

Citation made easy! – Great news isn’t it?

The expert group of translators, are masters who are avowed for capacities in their expertise, this enables staggering work rendered to the clients in a jiffy. Get free quotations with the breakup of cost, from beltranslation for your request; simply mail us filling the structure in the website page, and you would get the accurate cost in a day. The courses of actions right from PDF to online interpretations are given by beltranslation group in a jiffy. 100% fitting dialect interpretation and precise translation of the archive is ensured in here with data security.

Interpreting everything without exception

Bel translations translate just “everything” as simple as that. News interpretations, are done rapidly where a basic data is deciphered from one piece of the world to the next. Press reports, Journalism related articles, and related works are done so far, for premium news channels. For any business, to globalize, it is critical to rapidly viral some advertising campaigns, for this situation, translating and advertising in a district’s provincial dialect is significantly more vital. Consequently, at bel interpretations, each nation’s and district’s dialect is well-read and understood, while get ready promoting activities or campaigns, that would upgrade intrigue and enhances the possibilities of getting to the potential customer pretty effortlessly.

Beltranslation advantages considerably more by means of extraordinary offers for requests in bulk and at consistent interims that would sufficiently ensure you spend less on work.

Stand past, and surpass the dreams. Converse with experts in Bel translations and stay captivated as the group deciphered every one of your reports in a jiffy with no issues. Every one of your records are interpreted morally, and the legislature related interpretations are finished with care that is beyond imagination. We make work simple, to every individual.

Grow beyond without language limitations

As a business owner personnel, the dream of growing huge as a multi-national company would always pop-up. It’s high time to stop subliming the thoughts and water the seeds of growth as  assists in every kind of translation requirement from any language to any other lingual language to ease the work. Right from notary to Website Translation Services are done with accuracy in translation services. Expand worldwide with numerous branches, every detail is taken enough care by bel translations, great potential clients would approach for business when the website reads in their language.

Translation is not about an equivalent word of the other language; it deals a lot about the exact meaning of the sentences and not messing up the business ideas at any cause. It is also important not to disclose the translations that are to be considered very private in terms of business.

Get quotations dropped in your mailbox for free

The professional translation team has experts who are certified for translation skills in their area of expertise, this enables great services to be rendered to the clients instantly. Get free quotations from the beltranslation service company in a click; the estimated quotation mail is replied in one day.  Just key in the details on the contact page of the website, including the translating language requirements, the resultant format can be chosen by the customer itself, all formats right from PDF to online content are provided by beltranslation services. 100% proper and accurate translation is promised in here with confidentiality, the details of the translated documents and the customers are not leaked at any cause.

It is important to make sure all business translations are made culturally and ethically promising, when it comes to government related document translations and other important documents as well.

Translating everything under the sun

News translations are one important aspect where the important news is translated with accurate details like press releases and journalistic reports for easy publishing. This helps in spreading news the right way without discrepancy. Marketing is also one important place since it’s very vital to spread across words regarding the company to attract potential clients. Travel agencies would also require language translations since they would require more details of places and rates in every language for global customers.

Financial translations include the accounts, economical details, auditing and also in the case of investing the business plans to ensure every detail is furnished to avoid mess later in the investments. Books are also translated for global availability; every translation is made according to the requirement and the format without any exclusion. The client requirements are well noted and analyzed in order to give the best results.

Beltranslation services also put up special offers for large products and at seasonal times that are worthy enough to save great money in translating services. Customer service executives are available 24/7 for any queries and the payment methods are also very flexible. Translate your documents and get globalized.

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Why choose us?

  • Responsive and dedicated team members
  • Quick response to all inquiries within 30 minutes
  • Cost-effective, Quick turnaround
  • Confidentiality assurance
  • Standard quality of product

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