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Software Translation vs. Human Translation

Software Translation vs. Human Translation

Many enterprises nowadays replace humans with machines to make the processes efficient and reduce operational cost. But many enterprises often fail to understand the simple fact that all human activities cannot be automated. A number of studies have shown a gradual increase in the number of organizations using specialized translation software and tools to translate a variety of content without incurring additional expenses.

What are the differences between a translator and interpreter?

However, the large enterprises still deploy skilled and native translators to generate translated content that keep the readers engaged and convert them into customers. Hence, many organizations find it daunting to choose from software translation and human translation. It is always important for the organization to understand the key differences between the two content translation options to make the right decision.

Differences between Software Translation and Human Translation

Method and Technique

The algorithm used by individual translation software applications differs. Most software tools translate content word by word without considering their meaning and readability. Also, the tools often do not understand the grammar, expression and subtleties required to keep the translated content engaging. On the other hand, the native translators always decide the writing style and techniques based on the objective of individual projects. They use the right grammar, expression and subtleties to make the translated content relevant for the targeted users. Also, the content translated by human translators is effective in conveying the required information to each reader.

Quality of Translated Content

The websites and mobile apps have made it easier for businesses to offer their products and services to customers residing in various regions. But each business must use translated content that keep the users engaged and convert them into customers. When an enterprise deploys skilled and native translators, it becomes easier to generate translated content that connects with the users. The native translators understand the nuisances of the local language, and translate the content more effectively. The translation software often lacks the capability to generate translated content by using the most appropriate grammar, expressions, slangs and subtleties. Hence, these tools often fail to produce translated content that is readable and engaging.


Each enterprise has option to choose from a variety of translation software applications and tools. Some of these software applications are open source and free, whereas others are licensed and commercial. The small businesses and start-ups often opt for free translation tools to save money. They can even use a single tool to get a variety of content translated on a regular basis. But the large organizations always deploy native translator to generate high quality and engaging translated content despite incurring additional expenses.


Unlike human translators, translation software are effective in maintain consistency while translating technical content. There are a number of translation tools that use artificial intelligence (IE) techniques to store and access the existing translated content. These tools use specific terminology and phrasing based on the existing translated content to make the translated technical documents look consistent. However, the tools can maintain consistency efficiently only when the content is concise and technical. On the other hand, the human translators can maintain consistency across a wider range of content to meet the branding strategy of individual enterprises.

On the whole, an organization can save money by translating content through specialized software applications and web-based tools. It also has option to choose from many commercial and free translation software. But the content translated through specialized software applications often fail to convey information in a relevant and personalized way to targeted users and customers. Hence, many enterprises prefer human translation to software translation to keep the readers engaged and convert them into customers.


At BelTranslation accuracy is the #1 priority

Education is all about learning and unlearning. It is typically a process which is incepted with language. Although English being the most commonly used language, every country has its own mother language. However, there arises the need for one to refer to translation, especially if having to deal with the people outside the borders.

BelTranslation is one such website which can not only help you to understand perfectly ay language but also will help you to learn it. Apart from the basic translation skills BelTranslation also offers a wide range of other services as well. It is a well-known website basically known for providing its experienced international translation services.

The services that are provided by BelTranslation are numerous. Few of them are enlisted below:

  1. Documents: It helps you to access your documents and get your translation processdone with real ease. All you need to do is to copy-paste your documents into BelTranslation and then easily browse through the language and select one of your choices.
  2. Advertising materials: You can simply access the BelTranslation and get your advertising translated in more than over 100 languages.
  3. Technical Manuals:Unlike your documents and Ad materials, your technicalmanuals can be translated too with the help of BelTranslation.
  4. Website Locations: Perhaps one of the most prominent features of BelTranslationis that it also helps you in translating business and financial translations. You can also focus on localization of your website with the help of this site.

If you own a website, then without single a shadow of a doubt, BelTranslation would certainly prove out to be a boon for you. Simply focus on your target audience abroad as well as locally and leave the entire rest of the stuff to BelTranslation, which would help you to interact with your audiences in just about any language in which you desire to communicate with them.

In today’s globalized world if you are to build your rapport among your important international clients, you simply need to unlearn a little and grasp their mother-tongue a little which eventually would help you to grow your audiences abroad as you will be able to connect with them just too easily.

Moreover BelTranslation aims at 100% customer satisfaction. They provide you the utmost higher quality to ensure that your business doesn’t dwindle even for a little while. Provide the challenge of any translation to BelTranslation and they are certain to appear with an answer. They also offer a value added translation service by translating the news bulletins in any of the world language.

Additional service:

The services are offered by BelTranslation regarding the NEWS BULLETINS, depends on the publication frequency on the basis of day, week and month. Once you are enrolled yourself to BelTranslation, there is no need for you to fill your office space with translate and neither are you required to maintain a numerous staff for the translation process.

Once you are a part of BelTranslation, simply focus on your other marketing strategies and you aren’t required to work and worry about your multi-lingual clients, simply BelTranslation your problems.

Choose Carefully Professional Translation Services

Many studies have highlighted how an enterprise can increase its sales, revenues and profits by investing in professional translation services. A business can further get much higher ROI by investing only a negligible percentage of its total revenues in translation services. However, it is also important for a business to choose the right translation services according to its specific objectives. The experience and expertise of the translators will result in making the translated version of the website content, marketing materials and other documents localized and engaging. There are also several reasons why each business must choose professional translation services carefully.

Why Businesses Must Choose Professional Translation Services Carefully?

Connect with Prospects and Customers: Most businesses avail professional translation service to expand their existing market. By translating its website content and marketing materials into different languages, a business can easily target customers residing in different regions. But a business must remember that the quality of translated documents will make it easier to connect with customers speaking the foreign language. That is why; it must hire a native translator who understands the nuisances of the foreign language.

Keep the Readers Engaged: The translated content must be effective in keeping the readers engaged and convince them to buy the product or service. So the quality of translated content will have a huge impact on the business’s sales. But the skills and expertise of individual translators vary. A business must pick a translator who has already translated similar content into a foreign language. Based on the content translated by him in past, a business has to decide professional’s ability to deliver engaging translated content.

Deliver Localized Content: Many reports have highlighted how a business can connect effectively with customers and prospects by distributing localized content. To localize content, a business must hire a native translator. Along with understanding the nuisances of the foreign language, the native translators can effectively localize the website content and marketing material. So a business can convey the localized translated content to customers through various mediums.

Achieve Higher Conversion Rate: To covert website visitors into customers, a business must deliver engaging content. Along with keeping the website visitors interested and engaged, the translated content must convey the desired message. So a business must hire translators who have expertise in delivering high quality and engaging translated content. It must hire a translator who has already translated marketing materials and website content for clients belonging to different sectors.

Build a Steady Customer Base: A business can always expand its existing market by communicating with customers in their own language. The translated documents will help the business to offer its products or services to customers by breaking the language barrier. But to build a base of regular customers, a business must distribute highly engaging content. When the content is engaging, the customers will love to visit the website at regular intervals. Further, they will promote the business by recommending the website to their family and friends.

Many enterprises rely on Bel Translation to avail the best professional translation service. At Bel, we deploy only native translators to get client’s documents and website content translated into a foreign language. In addition to understanding the nuisances of the foreign language, our translators understand how to make the content more engaging and effective.

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Why choose us?

  • Responsive and dedicated team members
  • Quick response to all inquiries within 30 minutes
  • Cost-effective, Quick turnaround
  • Confidentiality assurance
  • Standard quality of product

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