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The Difference between Notarized, Certified & Sworn Translation

The Difference between Notarized, Certified & Sworn Translation

Often it is seen that clients are in dire need of professional translations of legal matters, however, in most cases they are confused about the differences between the various kinds of legal translation services that are needed by them. We take the opportunity of this article to explain the differences among the various kinds of legal translation services which the clients can benefit from.

  1. Notarized Translations: Notarized translation services are usually needed by government or legal entities of a region. When you want to appeal to the government of a region or want to get some official job done in a region, you will need the notarized translation services. The various criteria for notarized translation services usually vary from region to region and especially country to country. However in the basic level all of the translations need to be proved to be true and best or closes to the meaning of the original document. As it deals with official government matters, hence special care has to be taken while converting them such that all mistakes are avoided under all circumstances.
  2. Certified Translations: these type of translations are required by the following documents –
    1. Birth certificates.
    2. Marriage certificates and divorce decrees.
    3. Diplomas, school transcripts, or other academic documents.
    4. Medical reports and other official transcripts.
    5. Utility and household bills.

Hence it is quite clear that these are a tad bit less official translation than that of the notarized ones and are usually needed for the personal use of the person rather than use of the state or the country. These are usually requested by schools or colleges or courts of law and the likes.

  1. Sworn Translation: Different regions of the world have different meaning when it comes to certification and hence so does sworn translation. It basically means that the translator has to sworn that he made the said translation and that too in the presence of a public solicitor so that there is official proof of the translations and the translator can be held responsible in case some problem occurs later with the translation. Sworn translations are need by
    1. Notices of bailiff.
    2. Documents of notary.
    3. Certificates like birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificate which have civil significance.
    4. Documents like reports, financial statements and contracts.
    5. Certificates like diplomas and transcripts.
    6. Documents which are related to the adaptation of a child from orphanage.


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Why choose us?

  • Responsive and dedicated team members
  • Quick response to all inquiries within 30 minutes
  • Cost-effective, Quick turnaround
  • Confidentiality assurance
  • Standard quality of product

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