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Why Enterprises Must Hire Professional Translators for Legal Document Translation?

Why Enterprises Must Hire Professional Translators for Legal Document Translation?

While getting their agreements, contracts, and similar documents translated, enterprises forget the simple fact that legal translation is much more complex than technical, marketing, or standard translation. The professional translating a legal document must have a legal background and experience in translating a variety of legal documents in addition to In addition to being proficient in the source and target languages. Also, he must be familiar with the legal system where the document will be submitted, and understand the relevant legal terminology in detail. There are also a number of reasons why each enterprise must hire professional translators for legal document translation.

Why Enterprise Must Avail Professional Legal Translation Services?

Varying Complexity Levels

Some legal documents like software user agreement are simple and straightforward. On the other hand, legal documents like insurance policy can be both lengthy and complex. Hence, the complexity level of individual legal documents differs. To translate a legal document accurately, the translator must understand the type and use of the document and know the purpose of translation. The understanding will help the translator to assess the complexity of the document and decide the best translation approach. When the translator has experience in translating a variety of legal documents he can easily determine the right approach by assessing the complexity level of the document.

Varying Source File Formats

Often enterprises have to file or submit legal documents in paper. Hence, often legal translators are required to produce the translated document based on the hard copy or scanned hard copy of the original documents. Most translators nowadays use computers and specialized word processing software to translate various documents efficiently and quickly. The experienced legal translators use OCR technology to produce the digital version of the legal document. They further simplify and speedup the translation process by making the softcopy of the document both east to search and access.

Specialized Translation Skills and Experience

As mentioned earlier, the legal documents are more complex than standard documents. The translator must have a legal background to understand the nature and use of the legal documents. Also, he must have in-depth knowledge of relevant legal terminology to translate the original document exactly. Documents related to specific legal domains like finance and banking, insurance, taxation, real estate, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property must be translated by a professional with specialized legal training and adequate experience. Most standard translators lack the specialized training, skills and experience required to deliver successful legal translation.

Laws of the Targeted Market

Many people share a single language despite living in various regions. But the laws and regulations differ from one region to another. Like standard translators, legal translators also need to decide the style guides and glossaries according to the target locale. But the professional translating a legal document must understand the legal environment of the targeted market completely. Also, he must be able to differentiate between the local and international rules to make the translated legal document both relevant and accurate. When the translator has in-depth knowledge of the legal environment of the targeted region, he can always deliver high quality translation services. Some professional translation services even get the translated legal document reviewed by neutral translators to eliminate all errors and discrepancies.

Each enterprise has option to choose from many local and offshore legal translators. But it is always important for the business to hire a professional with a legal background and in-depth understanding of the relevant legal terminology, along with proficiency in both source and target languages. It is also advisable for the organization to avail professional translation service providers who get the document translated by an experienced legal translator and also get the translated legal document reviewed by a second translator.

Why Do Documents Need To Be Notarized?

notary public is termed as a third-party witness who are appointed not only the signature of a document but also for the assurance of the fact that all parties who signed did so willingly and under their own power. A notary public is specifically given a legal commission to witness signatures and they also place a notary seal on the signed documents. Although most of the official documents do not require notarized signatures, a notary seal is again preferred for it brings legal protection of authenticity and act according to the rules of evidence. The notarized signatures have the potential and power to save one’s money and to protect one in the court.

The Notarized Documents:

If taken technically, the notary publics notarize signatures, and not documents. The law is once required to notary seals on many types of contracts. The real estate deeds are believed to still carry on with notarized signatures. The American Society of Notaries are also believed to list the contracts, deeds, agreements and powers of attorney which can be taken as examples of frequently notarized documents.

Notary Authority:

The authority of a notarized signature can be derived from the notary public’s state or county commission which can be held as a reliable witness. If a person makes an oath which is a must to do, then all about a document’s contents, his declaration in front of the notary can lead to a penalty for deception. The federal courts and some state courts are available to accept the authenticity of a notarized signature. A notary public asserts that he had witnessed a claimant sign on a paper. The banks and post offices are also authorised to provide notary services. The court clerks, county commissioners and deputies perform notary services as well.

Legal Protection:

In the legal proceedings, a notarized signature duly confirms on behalf of the courts that the person whose signature appears on the document is, in fact, the same person who signed the official paper. The individuals who sign documents in the presence of a notary public assert that they are not forced to provide signatures and thus have wilfully signed. According to the American Society of Notaries, some document transactions, such as applications and affidavits, require the signers to swear an oath to the truth of a signed document’s contents. The proceedings before a notary public provides a legal protection if someone have to face certain contests for the validity of a signature in court.

Reasons for the documents being notarized:

The documents are notarized to prevent fraud and to ensure proper execution of the procedures. It is the whole and sole responsibility of the notary public to ensure that the signers have appeared before them and have conducted a proper identification process. The Notary Public governs the signing and insures that the documents are signed correctly. The notary makes sure that the signers are entering into agreements knowingly and willingly and not as a result of any forceful act.

The following elements should be taken into consideration for a document being notarized:-

  1. One has to text committing the signer in some way.
  2. An original signature of the signer is required, and not a photocopy (in case if a signature is required).
  3. A notarial “certificate”, may appear on the document itself or can also appear on an attachment.

When the witnessing a signature on a document is done, the following applies:

  1. In case if the notary certificate states that “subscribed and sworn/affirmed to me…”, then it is mandatory that it is always be signed in the notary’s presence.
  2. In case if the document has already been signed, the notary should necessarily ask the person to sign the document again, either above or below the previous signature.
  3. It is not required for an acknowledgment to be signed in one’s presence. The person who signed the document must appear before and acknowledge that they are the signer and that they signed it.

When one is having a document notarized, it means that the signature is official. It does not mean anything else in detail. One can get a notarized document that involves one in illegal activity, or one that is not enforceable under the state’s laws (and therefore seem to be useless). The notaries are not required to read through the document and evaluate it for anyone, nor will they alert the party to any problems; all they do is just verify that so-and-so signed a document belongs from such-and-such date.

Why Translation Glossary is Important?

Daily News Translation Services finds major importance in the world due to its diversified languages and migration of people of different language to different parts of the world for citizenship and immigration services.

A glossary is used by a translator to identify the terms that should not be translated, such as the name of the company, some names of the products and the meaning of any terminology that is unique to the business.

The lack of clarity in the machine and technical translation leads to serious consequences. Therefore, any document to obtain legal validity requires notarization by a recognised representative from the office of the secretary of State.

Beltranslation is one of the leading providers of notarized translation services in the USA who can provide professional translation for important documents.

Daily News Translation Services includes:

(1) Before translation the news items are automatically categorised on the source side.

(2) Daily News translation is optimised by recognising and extracting them on the source side and by re-inserting their translation in the target language.

(3) Translation of various news titles are done with a separate translation system which is optimised for the specific style of news titles.

(4) Daily news translation services must be optimised for speed in order to handle the large volume of daily news articles.

Uses of glossary:

Glossary is used to create unity across content

The translator hired often will be an outsider. Moreover several translators are required from different regions who speak different languages due to which there are a need to make sure these translators understand the type and terminology as per the requirement of the company. A glossary helps the translators to easily co-ordinate themselves according to the needs of the company and provides translations that accurately depict the voice of the company.

Glossary is also used to speed up the process

Translating content becomes much quicker when the translator can easily recognise the language, brand and knows the meaning of special terminologies made for the products. Communicating pattern and guidelines separately to each translator takes a significant amount of time along with the information that can easily become fractured which becomes difficult to track. Therefore, a translation glossary, have a centralized source of information that makes it easier for employees to update and translate the documents in minimum time required.

Translation glossary or guidelines helps to increase accuracy

Glossaries ensure the company-approved meanings and translations are communicated to translators in the best possible way. Glossaries help to clear up various confusions and enable the translators to produce accurate translations.

Documents that mostly require translation are:

Daily news and legal documents majorly requires the need of translation like:

  • Death Certificates
  • Depositions
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Academic Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Medical Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Adoption Papers
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Passports

The above mentioned important documents can be easily translated by leading providers of notarized translation services known as Beltranslation.

About Beltranslation

Beltranslation includes the best translators:

It hires only the best translator and linguists from around the world through a strict screening process.

Beltranslation has strict standards:

Notarized Translations are strict in nature and are governed by local laws in each country.

The translated document in the target language accompanied with a specific clause and signature from the certifier.

Certificate of accuracy letter with the public notary signature and stamp affixed to translate document.

They provide best pricing for different types of documents.

For further details about the languages, types and procedure of translation please visit

4 notarization translation tips to ensure a quality translation

Website translation services is the major bridge which helps one to go global, it ensures to break the barrier that stops once from reaching the other side of the world. For any company that would like to branch as a multi-national firm with branches around the world, it is important to ensure that with partnership and laws related to each of the country, it is important to translate and notarize each and every document. It is important to ensure that the confidential documents should be properly notarized using the best of the available Notarized Translation Services in town.

Whenever there’s money involved where the parties exchanging doesn’t belong to the same place and moreover, don’t talk the same language it is pretty vital to have documents present in both the languages. It is important to get in touch with professional companies like for proper website translation services and Notarized Translation Services to be on the safer end and also ensure that no pitfalls or loopholes are missed during the transactions. Providing all the documents in each of their language also ensures that there is good understanding between the clients as well, this ensures trustworthiness.

As each client is different from one another, the regulations, rules and business tactics differ from country to country. Only with properly translated documents and Notarization at all one can ensure that there are no flaws in the way that a business or anything related to happen.

Get it Notarized with Beltranslations

Beltranslation is one of the finest international translation company which are well known for the services that unifies the whole world, and helps each and every client to globalize their business. They connect the farthest ends of the world through proper and professional translation and notarization work. Beltranslation have the best of the employees who are pretty well versed with translations and notarizations, they are the experts who take acute care in processing the documents on time and keep up the promise every time.

They have 24/7 support with various modes of communication and the rates are always nominal. So get in touch with the professionals to get all your documents a refreshing makeover, translation, notarization and other services required.

The experts here are equipped enough; for now there are works that involve news translation to bring the right information from around the world. Marketing is a vital part to globalize, In here, the marketing materials are translated which helps in globally being the marketing leads to get more clients and exposure required according to the type of business. For travel agencies that work across the world, the translations and notarization is necessary to bring out a branch and also advertise to gain the travelers trust. All travel related documents are properly translated. Finance translations are very sensitive as it involves lots of money, so the best of professionals are appointed to translate the same. All the employees are certified professionals in this arena.

Contact us at to get your business worldwide in no time. Beltranslations also do business related translation right from product information to the manuals. Technicial translations are done with the help of professionals trained for it. Even book are translated from one language to another by our professionals, there are umpteen books that made it huge due to translation services of Beltranslations. We are certified translators who notarize the original documents by web translating service provides who help in understanding in detail about how authentic and detailed the documents presented are to trust and take the business a forward.


10 Common Mistakes While Translating a Website

Mistakes are a common occurrence while translating a website written in a different language or dialect. In a highly globalised world, most people make a common judgment error of not getting themselves acquainted with a second language. This forms the very base of mistakes while translating a website, and sometimes ecommerce sites as well. We have summarized some 10 common mistakes made while translating a website:

Taking help from Automatic Translation Services:

Automatic translation services are in no way inferior to human capabilities, and in fact, these tools can come in quite handy in times of urgency. However, in terms of understanding the exact meaning which a phrase or a sentence may convey, these tools show a clear deficit of translational expertise.

Translation tools owe their translation expertise to their memories, which serve as the mainstay of these digital tools. However, if any phrase or word is not registered in the digital memories, translation tools are bound to give incorrect interpretation.

Ignoring Search Engine Optimizations (SEO):

Every time you browse the web for some material related to your work, you should pay heed to the fact that Meta tags and web contents are SEO compatible. You should also understand the meaning of relevant search terms hold in each language, as word for word translations may not be available.

Assumption that one language is same everywhere:

The best example is the English language, which is greatly differentiated when it comes to UK and US English. Similarly, other languages like Portuguese, French and Spanish too differ in their respective regions. Expressions and vocabulary together can be used to express a great deal of meanings rather than vocabulary itself.

Translation of only a part of the Site:

Product descriptions, contact pages and other areas which carry a wider profile on your page may draw the attention most, and are one of the most widely translated areas available. However, areas which require a relatively lower profile like privacy policy, FAQs, shipping options, terms of use, etc should also be properly translated to facilitate maximum consumer compliance with the website.

Not translating the site at all:

In a globalised world, most people are more than familiar in a second language. However, this does not mean that websites should carry only one language, or should not pay heed to other languages in which the target customer is comfortable.

Allotment of customer service in one language only:

Customer services are one of the most indispensible forces when it comes to the bond between websites and clients. Clients should feel comfortable while addressing concerns; and the key to this is availability of language options which the client is accustomed to.

Ignorance of General Culture:

Ignorance of local culture and traditions may generate least amount of consumer traffic, and in some case negative responses. As an example, December 26th (also popularly called as Boxing Day) calls for one of the biggest shopping events in Commonwealth nations like Canada. If you decide to take a day off on that particular day, that’s a high tide for failure.

Not demonstration of currency or measurements in local symbols/languages:

Always opt for providing best customer compliance from websites by providing them with a range of services including conversion tables, charts, currencies and measurements. This will allow you site to function as a user friendly platform.

Apart from these, many other factors like ignoring context and not updating translations till last minute may cost dear to the traffic generated by your website. We at specialize in providing solutions to all these concerns, with our highly experienced team of translators. We provide translations in more than 100 different languages including French, Arabic, Italian, German and many more. Our translation services are comparable to any other platforms available, with our services second to none in accuracy and efficiency. Partner with us without creating any drag on your pockets and generate record amount of traffic through your website.

The Difference between Notarized, Certified & Sworn Translation

Often it is seen that clients are in dire need of professional translations of legal matters, however, in most cases they are confused about the differences between the various kinds of legal translation services that are needed by them. We take the opportunity of this article to explain the differences among the various kinds of legal translation services which the clients can benefit from.

  1. Notarized Translations: Notarized translation services are usually needed by government or legal entities of a region. When you want to appeal to the government of a region or want to get some official job done in a region, you will need the notarized translation services. The various criteria for notarized translation services usually vary from region to region and especially country to country. However in the basic level all of the translations need to be proved to be true and best or closes to the meaning of the original document. As it deals with official government matters, hence special care has to be taken while converting them such that all mistakes are avoided under all circumstances.
  2. Certified Translations: these type of translations are required by the following documents –
    1. Birth certificates.
    2. Marriage certificates and divorce decrees.
    3. Diplomas, school transcripts, or other academic documents.
    4. Medical reports and other official transcripts.
    5. Utility and household bills.

Hence it is quite clear that these are a tad bit less official translation than that of the notarized ones and are usually needed for the personal use of the person rather than use of the state or the country. These are usually requested by schools or colleges or courts of law and the likes.

  1. Sworn Translation: Different regions of the world have different meaning when it comes to certification and hence so does sworn translation. It basically means that the translator has to sworn that he made the said translation and that too in the presence of a public solicitor so that there is official proof of the translations and the translator can be held responsible in case some problem occurs later with the translation. Sworn translations are need by
    1. Notices of bailiff.
    2. Documents of notary.
    3. Certificates like birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificate which have civil significance.
    4. Documents like reports, financial statements and contracts.
    5. Certificates like diplomas and transcripts.
    6. Documents which are related to the adaptation of a child from orphanage.


BelTranslation is an internationally claimed professional translation service. They aid in the translation of documents, advertising materials, website localization, technical manuals, and business and financial translations which in turn makes it easy for you to reach out to the global customer base and deal with them in a language which is close to their heart. All you need to do is sign a contract with BelTranslation Company and you will be able to enjoy the awesome translation services brought to you by the professional and well trained translators of BelTranslation who will translate your content just in a couple of hours. Along with being a super fast translation service, BelTranslation also prides in providing you with 100% accurate translation services which is why you can trust them blindly as far as professional translation services are concerned.

Now that you are aware of the differences between notarized, certified and sworn translation as well as the best places where you can avail them with 100 % trust and expect accurate results in return for it. Go ahead and consult BelTranslation today!

Significance of Picking the Right Notarized Translation Services

There are several documents that need to be notarized for legal purposes. A trained individual, who is assigned by the state government as notary public, must witness the document signing and provide his stamp and signature to make the document valid for legal purposes. The primary objective of notarization is to prevent fraud.  A variety of typical forms like real estate deeds, powers of attorney and loan paperwork must be notarized to prevent frauds.

But when a notary public receives a document written in a foreign language he is not familiar with, he will not provide his signature. So like notarizing documents, often notarized translation is required for certain legal and contractual documents. Unlike normal document translation, notarized translation is done only by a certified translator.

However, the person acting as a notary temporarily does not certify the information and facts contained in the document. He will only certify the authenticity of the certified translator’s signature. The certified translator has to affirm his legal capacity to confirm that the translation is 100% correct, and fully consistent with the original source document. In case of any errors in the translation, the translator will be held liable criminally.

To avoid being held liable criminally for mistakes, the certified translator must understand what certified translation consists of. At BelTranslation, our translators ensure that certified translation needs to include:

  • The original source document, or a copy certified by a notary
  • The translated version of the document in a foreign language
  • A letter with the certified signature of a notary, affixed with his seal and signature
  • Last name, first name and patronymic of the translator, along with his signature

Along with understanding the nuisances of legal translation, our translators are familiar with the laws related to notarized translation. Within a short span of time, we have provided customized notarized translation services to clients belonging to different sectors. Our team of certified translators has already built a reputation by translating a variety of documents and forms.

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Why choose us?

  • Responsive and dedicated team members
  • Quick response to all inquiries within 30 minutes
  • Cost-effective, Quick turnaround
  • Confidentiality assurance
  • Standard quality of product

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