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Why Many Businesses Choose Native Translators for Their Projects?

Why Many Businesses Choose Native Translators for Their Projects?

Most professional translation service providers deploy both native and non-native translators. Both native and non-native translators have relevant education, expertise on the subject and experience. But many translation project managers nowadays prefer native translators to non-native translators due to their proficiency in the native language. The proficiency and skills enable native translators to create translated content that can keep the readers and website visitors engaged. There are also a number of reasons why many businesses prefer native translators to non-native translators.

Why Many Businesses Prefer Native Translators to Non-Native Translators?

More Engaging Content: As a native speaker, the translator has an innate ability to speak and write the language. He understands how to pick and use words intuitively to make the content more engaging and impactful. Also, he knows how to present the jargons used in the source text to the readers speaking a different language, along with eliminating the culturally sensitive issues.

Grammatically Correct Sentences: When a translator is not proficient in the target language, he often translated the sentences in the source document literally. The literal translation often results in grammatically incorrect sentences, and fails to convey the message to the readers accurately in their mother tongue. As a native translator is proficient in the target language, he can easily write grammatically correct sentences and convey the source content to the native readers effectively.

Stylistic Superiority: Most non-native translators learn the target language later in life. So they often find it daunting to pick the most appropriate style while translating a document into the native language. A number of studies have also shown that native speakers write high quality text in compassion to non-native speakers. When the translators speaks the target language, it becomes easier for him to make the translated content more engaging by picking the right writing style and using the right terminology.

No Need to Deploy Native Editors: There are a number of professional translation service providers that get the content translated by non-native translators, and deploy native editors subsequently to enhance the quality of translated content. The native editors have to put additional time and effort to enhance the quality of translated content and customize the content for the target audience. Hence, the amount of time required to deliver translated documents is increased substantially.

Reduced Translation Cost: Each business want to get their website content and documents translated within a shorter amount of time and without spending a lot of money. When a professional translation service provider deploys native translators, it has to deploy native editors additionally to enhance the quality of translated content. Hence, the time and cost of translation will increase substantially. But a business can always opt for native translators to avail high quality translated content with reduced time and cost.

While availing professional translation services, a business need to check if the company deploys native translators. However, it also needs to assess if the native translator is familiar with specialized terminology, and proficient in both languages. The project manager must not forget to assess the content translated by the native translator for other clients to choose the right professional translation service for the project.

6 Points to Keep in Mind while Getting Your Marketing Content Translated

Most businesses nowadays offer their products and services to customers residing in different countries. But the enterprise must communicate with each visitor in his native language to keep him engaged and convert him into a customer. Hence, it becomes essential for each enterprise to get marketing materials translated and localized according to its targeted audience. Also, it must coordinate with the translators consistently to convey marketing message to each visitor explicitly and clearly in his native language.

6 Points to Keep in Mind while Getting Your Marketing Material Translated

1) Perform a Cultural Assessment

You must remember that the impact of content varies from one culture to another. There are always chances that the source marketing material may not be relevant for each person with a specific cultural background. For instance, the meaning and interpretation of images and colours will vary according to the cultural background of each website visitors. Hence, you must assess the source marketing content, and identify the images, idioms or concepts that are not suitable for your target audience. Also, you must remove all such elements from the source marketing content before contacting a translator.

2)  Define Your Target Audience Clearly

To promote and market your products effectively, you need to target the right audience. The targeted audiences vary based on the nature, usage and features of individual products. While performing cultural assessment, you can easily decide the most appropriate target audience for your product. Also, the translator must clearly understand the target audience of your product to decide the most appropriate writing and translation style required to convey the marketing message to each customer effectively. Hence, you must identify the target audience in advance, and convey the information to the translators specifically.

3) Provide Reference Materials

To promote your brand effectively, you need to ensure that translators maintain consistency in both writing style and terminology. Also, the translated marketing content must complement the content used in your websites, brochures and other translated content. In addition to making changes to the source content, you also need to share a variety of reference materials with the translators. The translators can study the reference materials to understand your needs and identify the target audience easily. Also, the reference materials will help translators to stay consistent in both writing style and terminology.

4)  Pick the Right Writing Style and Tone

You can convey a specific marketing message to your target audience in a number of ways. For instance, you have option to keep the communication either formal or informal. However, it is also important to pick the communication style based on target audiences and their cultural background. The translator must know your choice of writing style and tone to convey the marketing message to native customers in a more engaging way. You can even consider preparing a glossary and style guide to effectuate translation of lengthy marketing materials.

5) Allow Adequate Time

You must remember that a translator has to put additional time and effort to translate marketing materials effectively. He will need additional time to identify the target audience and pick the right writing style by reading the source marketing and reference materials in detail. Also, he has to make changes to the translated marketing content several times based on your feedback and comments. Hence, you must allocate adequate time to make the translation project successful. You can even consider deploying a team of native translators to complete the project within a shorter amount of time.

6) Opt for Transcreation

Often literal translation of source marketing content fails to impress and engage website visitors. For instance, literal translation of certain phrases may not have the desired impact on customers with varying cultural background. Hence, you can always consider getting the marketing material transcreated instead of translated. When  a professional transcreates the marketing content, he can adopt conceptual translation, along with picking the most appropriate speech, idioms  and cultural references.

It is also important for the business to get its marketing materials translated by the most competent translators. It must pick a translator who has both native language writing skills and adequate expertise on the subject matter. The business owner must ask the translator to translator to translate the marketing content as sample. He can evaluate the translated content to assess the writing style and skills of the professionals. Also, he can make it easier for the translator to create more engaging marketing materials by sharing his feedback and comments.

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  • Quick response to all inquiries within 30 minutes
  • Cost-effective, Quick turnaround
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