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Why Each Business Must Avail Professional Website Translation Services?

Why Each Business Must Avail Professional Website Translation Services?

Along with establishing its online presence, the website further helps a business in marketing its products or services to customers residing in different regions. But while developing their websites, many businesses forget that 70% people in the world do not speak English. Further, more than 50% of Google search queries are submitted by users in languages other than English.

So it has become essential for each modern business to deliver its website content in multiple languages directly target the huge base of non-English speaking audience. The multilingual website will make it easier for the business to increase its online sales and revenues in the longer run. But it is also important for the business to avail professional website translation services to create content that keep website visitors engaged and convert them into customers.

Why Each Modern Business Needs Website Translation Services?

Explore New Markets: As noted earlier, only 30% people in the world speak English. But a website enables business to market its products or services by targeting people residing in different countries. When a business has a multilingual website, it becomes easier for it to extend its markets. As most people prefer getting information in their native language, the website will help the business in introducing its products or services to potential customers and new markets.

Engage the Website Visitors: A website can be accessed by users regardless of their geographical locations. But the website will not be able to keep the visitors engaged if its content is written in English. A business must avail professional translation services to deliver the web content in several languages. When the user has option to read the website content in his own language, he will visit the website more frequently. The engaging content can further result in higher conversion rates.

Build a Popular Brand: To create a popular global brand, the business has to target customers residing in different regions. A business must impress the new customers by conveying the desires message in their own language. So a business must translate and localize its website content to establish a brand in new markets. When its website delivers localized content to the new customers, they will love to avail the products or services offered by the company.

Convey Localized Messages: A large percentage of internet users to browse websites in their own language. So a multilingual website will help the business in conveying the desired message to customers and prospects in their own language. A business can further avail professional website translation services to update the website content at regular intervals. So it can easily keep the customers engaged, regardless of their geographical location, by conveying the desired message.

Effectuate Your Digital Marketing Campaigns: Nowadays, each business invests in online marketing campaigns to get regular website visitors and convert the visitors into customers. A large percentage of internet users submit Google search queries in their own language. So the multilingual website can be promoted effectively to appear on top of localized search engine results pages. As the website delivers content in multiple languages, it will be easier for digital marketers to promote the website by targeting the most relevant audience.

Many surveys have highlighted that professional website translation services have helped many businesses in getting more sales, inquiries and revenue. The company can further invest only a minimal percentage of its revenue to deliver its website content in many languages. However, it is also important for the business to hire native translators to effectuate the process of delivering the web content.


Utilize the Personal Touch Provided By Translation Services

Gone are the days when people had to wait for years to read books and documents published in other languages. In the good olden days, many manuscripts were written in the language of the elite. Hence other people couldn’t read the content. However, with the increasing globalisation, the world has become smaller. It is possible to read each other’s language with the help of document translations which aid in understanding manuscripts which otherwise couldn’t have been understood. Also due to increasing globalisation, pan country deals are executed. Thus in such cases, translation of financial and business documents becomes very imperative. Beltranslation is one such organisation which will aid you in document translation purposes.

Translation services has made it easier for every individual, business or any institution to crack their deal with their foreign delegates easily. There are a whole lot of documents which needs translation purposes. Financial documents, business documents, website articles and so on. Understanding the financial documents and business documents is necessary for understanding the business. Any anomaly in the meaning can lead to disastrous effects. Same happens in case of article translations to other language. Many words in one language may have some other meaning in some other language. Hence it is very imperative to translate the articles in such a manner that the main idea of the article is not lost because of exact translation and at the same time not deferring too much from the original article. This needs skilful document translation professionals who not only have good experience but also good understanding of the given article and the ability to interpret it. Beltranslation has a proven expertise in guiding their clients in writing and translating their articles for them.

Beltranslation offers personalised service to their clients in translating their documents from one language to another. Beltranslation also has experts in many languages who offer document translation services. You can always first review the article and then choose whether to hand over your project to Beltranslation. Beltranslation will do a free translation of 300 words for you so that you can review the quality of the content and then decide to hand over the project. Also the professionals at Beltranslation will guide you in preparing the best quality content which you can use for advertising or promoting in other languages. Also they have an attractive pricing scheme which allows you to obtain fabulous discounts for the translation services.

About Beltranslation

Beltranslation offers document translation services with having expertise in translating over 100 different languages. The company is headquartered in Springfield and has considerable expertise in the field of document translation.

The team at Beltranslation in well versed with various languages like Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese) and Japanese being the main ones. Also the team managing the language translation service has a great expertise in handling professional documents as well. Hence they do cater to various demands like translation of website content, documents, legal papers and foreign country related paperwork.

Thanks for going through the article. For more information and to avail the document translation services, visit the site today itself.

What are the differences between a translator and interpreter?

More often than not, there are works that are not similar but just has the mildest of the similarities which gets us all confused. Translator verses Interpreter is one of the best example. So, here are the differences between a translator and interpreter, and also what each has to do. Next time when you come across these terms, you would be pretty sure of what each word means and will be in a position to explain the other about the differences. So, here is the major difference between the terms.

Interpreting and translation both are covered under the same umbrella called linguistics. More often than not, they are performed by different people and it is pretty rare to find a person who is both a translator and an interpreter. The skills, the required training to perform each, the aptitude, language and the knowledge to perform to be a successful professional all differs.

When it comes to the major different, the first is the medium. When interpreter is something to be done orally, the translator is written text. Both these require strong language skills and deep knowledge on more than one language.


The key skill set of a translator are the ability to understand the source language, and the culture of that country. First the text origination must be understood, from then the translator must be good at the source language and also the culture to understand with how the text is written. Using proper reference materials and dictionaries, the translator should render the material clearly and also, accurately to the requested language. It is literally changing the language from one to another, without changing the context and meaning of it. So basically, the translator must be good in both the languages to understand the first and re-write the same to the target language as such.

It is for the bilingual individuals who can express the given text in both the languages. It takes a lot of understanding to understand the limitation in both the languages, a good translator will only be able to translate the documents to the native language, and hence it takes the right person with some subject matter expertise to actually translate to the other language.


Interpreter is the one who must be able to translate something from both the sides on spot without using any reference which needs enough skills. It takes more than enough listening ability, to understand what the other person is trying to convey and say the same without changing the meaning of the context. This is pretty difficult when it comes to simultaneous interpretation, where the interpreter stands between the communicating parties who would talk in their own language which has to be conveyed to the other person in their language. One has to listen enough before saying the same, and the interpreter will not have time to think, they will have to talk immediately. Especially in public speaking where colloquially people start talking, it is important to know the culture and talk accordingly understanding the meaning and convey the same.

In spite of the differences in the skills, the knowledge and related, it is more important to be a person who has deep knowledge on the language. Either they are translating or interpreting, they are not just substituting words by word with the right one but the exact emotion of what it takes.

Contact, one of the leading companies which does professional Business Translation Services for clients across the world day in and out with skilled set of professionals.

How to Effectively Evaluate Document Translation Needs

Translation is a tricky job and when documents are involved in the process of translation, the complications multiplies. Document translation is the art of converting the sense of the document in another language so that the reader understands what one wants to convey. A lot can be at stake when it comes to document translations and hence you just can’t leave the task on the hands of any and every document translation services.

But the real question is how will you judge whether or not you require document translation services? The following points may help you to effectively evaluate the document translation needs.

  1. The Appropriate Dialect: Like in English, all other languages which are widely spoken have varying dialects depending on the region where it is being spoken. When you are presenting a particular document in a place with a varying dialect, you need to keep it in mind in order to prevent the occurrence of mistake or to prevent people from taking offence in the dialect that you are speaking.
  2. The Targeted Customer Base: The document translation services are often needed in the sales o goods and services. These kinds of jobs often need the identification of various target customers who need to understand the message you are trying to convey to them. While you are going to translate the particular service to a target customer you need to keep their language in mind which is hugely dependent on the class of the people, the place they hail from and their level of education. Many a times it may so happen that people living in a particular region which speaks two language may mix them up to create a totally new language. These are the regions where you need document translation services.
  3. The Role of Culture: Culture plays a very important role in the determination of the need of document translation services. Just getting to know a language will not help you to effectively translate the document to a particular language. You need to know the various cultural variations of the language. It might so be that the same word is used in the culture with varied meaning. Not knowing the cultural implications will leave you baffled about the use of the particular language. Hence it is best to use document translation services by natives who rightly evaluate the cultural implications of the words.

Although the list is endless, these are some of the main criteria on which you need to base your effective evaluation of document translation services needs. However, it is very important that you choose experienced document translation services in order to not just blatantly convert your documents to other languages but do it in a manner which will help you to convey your message perfectly. This is where BelTranslation comes in. being one of the leading players in the translation business, BelTranslation prides in providing in customers with accurate document translation services. They appoint experienced and knowledgeable native people to do the translations for you. Another huge advantage of using the document translation services of BelTranslation is the fact that you get apt output. Depending on the complication of the documents, you will get it translated within a couple of hours. BelTranslation strives to provide customers with ultimate satisfaction when it comes to document translation services.

So what are you waiting for? Contact BelTranslation right now and avail the best document translation services that money can buy. You can call them or e-mail them on their official id or you can visit for details.

10 Common Mistakes While Translating a Website

Mistakes are a common occurrence while translating a website written in a different language or dialect. In a highly globalised world, most people make a common judgment error of not getting themselves acquainted with a second language. This forms the very base of mistakes while translating a website, and sometimes ecommerce sites as well. We have summarized some 10 common mistakes made while translating a website:

Taking help from Automatic Translation Services:

Automatic translation services are in no way inferior to human capabilities, and in fact, these tools can come in quite handy in times of urgency. However, in terms of understanding the exact meaning which a phrase or a sentence may convey, these tools show a clear deficit of translational expertise.

Translation tools owe their translation expertise to their memories, which serve as the mainstay of these digital tools. However, if any phrase or word is not registered in the digital memories, translation tools are bound to give incorrect interpretation.

Ignoring Search Engine Optimizations (SEO):

Every time you browse the web for some material related to your work, you should pay heed to the fact that Meta tags and web contents are SEO compatible. You should also understand the meaning of relevant search terms hold in each language, as word for word translations may not be available.

Assumption that one language is same everywhere:

The best example is the English language, which is greatly differentiated when it comes to UK and US English. Similarly, other languages like Portuguese, French and Spanish too differ in their respective regions. Expressions and vocabulary together can be used to express a great deal of meanings rather than vocabulary itself.

Translation of only a part of the Site:

Product descriptions, contact pages and other areas which carry a wider profile on your page may draw the attention most, and are one of the most widely translated areas available. However, areas which require a relatively lower profile like privacy policy, FAQs, shipping options, terms of use, etc should also be properly translated to facilitate maximum consumer compliance with the website.

Not translating the site at all:

In a globalised world, most people are more than familiar in a second language. However, this does not mean that websites should carry only one language, or should not pay heed to other languages in which the target customer is comfortable.

Allotment of customer service in one language only:

Customer services are one of the most indispensible forces when it comes to the bond between websites and clients. Clients should feel comfortable while addressing concerns; and the key to this is availability of language options which the client is accustomed to.

Ignorance of General Culture:

Ignorance of local culture and traditions may generate least amount of consumer traffic, and in some case negative responses. As an example, December 26th (also popularly called as Boxing Day) calls for one of the biggest shopping events in Commonwealth nations like Canada. If you decide to take a day off on that particular day, that’s a high tide for failure.

Not demonstration of currency or measurements in local symbols/languages:

Always opt for providing best customer compliance from websites by providing them with a range of services including conversion tables, charts, currencies and measurements. This will allow you site to function as a user friendly platform.

Apart from these, many other factors like ignoring context and not updating translations till last minute may cost dear to the traffic generated by your website. We at specialize in providing solutions to all these concerns, with our highly experienced team of translators. We provide translations in more than 100 different languages including French, Arabic, Italian, German and many more. Our translation services are comparable to any other platforms available, with our services second to none in accuracy and efficiency. Partner with us without creating any drag on your pockets and generate record amount of traffic through your website.

How a Website should be translated: One Best Solution

The internet today is flooded with various organizations, providing a host of services. The seekers confide in various companies searching for their required services. One of the most undermined services which play a huge role on the web is the translation services. When we talk about translation services there is no competition for BelTranslation. If you haven’t been familiar with the name yet, to make things clear, BelTranslation is a firm which provides one of the best translating services and the translation of the highest order.

It provides rich service at a very low cost. It is one of the oldest and the most experienced companies on the web offering the translation service. It processes the various forms of document translation, including advertising materials, technical material and even financial transactions. When it comes to translation there aren’t many companies which can stand tall. Website Translation is one of the basic needs of the people to understand the international languages.

Almost every written content is primarily in English, but there are tons of people who aren’t well versed with the language and thus the need for translation comes up. This is a period where BelTranslation steps in with its amazing website translation service. There are a millions of people surfing through the web to find an appropriate translating firm which can give them an exact output of what they desire. All can be achieved through BelTranslation.

BelTranslation is one of the most active translation websites on the internet as it responds to your queries within an hour. Moreover the service it provides is of a sublime quality. Apart from English, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian and Arabic, it provides users with 90 more languages to choose from. The high quality translating service is provided to you at a very effective price.

It is a proper team, which has laid down emphasis on consumer satisfaction and the primary goal is to help the user achieve the best possible translation service. Simply visit the website. Get an instant quote about any service you need. BelTranslation is very much active and deeply rooted with the process of website translation.

So be it a reader, publisher or an editor everyone needs translating service to deliver the best and target their audience. Reaching out to the target audience, most importantly the non-speakers is only made a reality with the help of translation. With BelTranslation on your side, you do not have to worry about anything as they take care of everything.

Website Translation is pretty essential in today’s time to reach out to your target audience. If your website is in English and you are looking to target the audience in Spain and Middle-East, it will be quite helpful if you lay emphasis on the importance of their language. Thus the key towards targeting your audience would comply of both Spanish and Arabic.

If a website provides the service of translating the users directly feel connected to it. And every writer on the internet wants to feel connected to the audience. All of this is made possible only with the help of translating the website. And when we talk about translation, as I already said there are none better than that ofBelTranslation.

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  • Responsive and dedicated team members
  • Quick response to all inquiries within 30 minutes
  • Cost-effective, Quick turnaround
  • Confidentiality assurance
  • Standard quality of product

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