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Why Technical Writing Skills are Required to Effectuate Technical Translations

Why Technical Writing Skills are Required to Effectuate Technical Translations

Posted by  admin Posted On  October 11th, 2014

Each business must remember that technical translation is completely different from translating other documents. Instead of focusing on the literary techniques and cultural differences, a technical writer has to preserve the technical content of the source document. So technical writing is an inseparable part of technical translations. However, the technical translators have to modify the style and formatting of the source document to make the translated document more relevant for the target audience.

How to Effectuate the Translation of Technical Documents?

Technical Terminology

The use of proper technical terminology is essential to make the translated technical document relevant. However, the translator must use the technical terminology in an accurate and consistent way. Often the user of wrong or generic terminology will have a huge impact on the quality of the translated document. The wrong terminologies can even make the translated document. There are also many instances when businesses have to face lawsuits due to lack of correct terminology. However, the translator must be familiar with the technical field of the source document to choose and use the most appropriate technical words and phrases.

Writing Style

A translator has option to refer to various resources to decide the appropriate writing style, capitalization and spelling. But the generic resources often fail to meet the specialized needs of technical translations. So the translator must refer to the right field-specific guide to decide the most appropriate writing style. It is also important for the translator to refer to the style-guide provided by the client to make the translation more effective.

Document Formatting

Often technical documents are formatted in a manner acceptable by English-speaking audience. But the original formatting style may not be relevant for readers speaking a different language. For instance, the Japanese language requires translators to use completely different brackets, bullets and other formatting. When the translator has experience in writing technical documents in the native language, he can modify the original document formatting by targeting the specific audience.

Text Formatting

Similar to the document, the original text also needs to be formatted by targeting the native audience. The general practice of presenting similar text may vary from one language to another. For instance, the Japanese technical documents mention the UI elements within square brackets [] or quotes “”, whereas the English documents put the UI elements in bold. The technical writing experience of the translator will make it easier for him to format the text appropriately to make the content more effectively.

A business must hire the right translation service provider to translate its technical documents effective. Some reputable professional translation service providers like BelTranslation also deploys native translator with technical writing skills. The technical writing skills and understanding of the native language enable the professionals in delivering translated technical documents that are both relevant and engaging.

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