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Significance of Picking the Right Notarized Translation Services

Significance of Picking the Right Notarized Translation Services

Posted by  admin Posted On  October 22nd, 2014
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There are several documents that need to be notarized for legal purposes. A trained individual, who is assigned by the state government as notary public, must witness the document signing and provide his stamp and signature to make the document valid for legal purposes. The primary objective of notarization is to prevent fraud.  A variety of typical forms like real estate deeds, powers of attorney and loan paperwork must be notarized to prevent frauds.

But when a notary public receives a document written in a foreign language he is not familiar with, he will not provide his signature. So like notarizing documents, often notarized translation is required for certain legal and contractual documents. Unlike normal document translation, notarized translation is done only by a certified translator.

However, the person acting as a notary temporarily does not certify the information and facts contained in the document. He will only certify the authenticity of the certified translator’s signature. The certified translator has to affirm his legal capacity to confirm that the translation is 100% correct, and fully consistent with the original source document. In case of any errors in the translation, the translator will be held liable criminally.

To avoid being held liable criminally for mistakes, the certified translator must understand what certified translation consists of. At BelTranslation, our translators ensure that certified translation needs to include:

  • The original source document, or a copy certified by a notary
  • The translated version of the document in a foreign language
  • A letter with the certified signature of a notary, affixed with his seal and signature
  • Last name, first name and patronymic of the translator, along with his signature

Along with understanding the nuisances of legal translation, our translators are familiar with the laws related to notarized translation. Within a short span of time, we have provided customized notarized translation services to clients belonging to different sectors. Our team of certified translators has already built a reputation by translating a variety of documents and forms.

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