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What are the differences between a translator and interpreter?

What are the differences between a translator and interpreter?

Posted by  admin Posted On  February 8th, 2016
translator and interpreter

More often than not, there are works that are not similar but just has the mildest of the similarities which gets us all confused. Translator verses Interpreter is one of the best example. So, here are the differences between a translator and interpreter, and also what each has to do. Next time when you come across these terms, you would be pretty sure of what each word means and will be in a position to explain the other about the differences. So, here is the major difference between the terms.

Interpreting and translation both are covered under the same umbrella called linguistics. More often than not, they are performed by different people and it is pretty rare to find a person who is both a translator and an interpreter. The skills, the required training to perform each, the aptitude, language and the knowledge to perform to be a successful professional all differs.

When it comes to the major different, the first is the medium. When interpreter is something to be done orally, the translator is written text. Both these require strong language skills and deep knowledge on more than one language.


The key skill set of a translator are the ability to understand the source language, and the culture of that country. First the text origination must be understood, from then the translator must be good at the source language and also the culture to understand with how the text is written. Using proper reference materials and dictionaries, the translator should render the material clearly and also, accurately to the requested language. It is literally changing the language from one to another, without changing the context and meaning of it. So basically, the translator must be good in both the languages to understand the first and re-write the same to the target language as such.

It is for the bilingual individuals who can express the given text in both the languages. It takes a lot of understanding to understand the limitation in both the languages, a good translator will only be able to translate the documents to the native language, and hence it takes the right person with some subject matter expertise to actually translate to the other language.


Interpreter is the one who must be able to translate something from both the sides on spot without using any reference which needs enough skills. It takes more than enough listening ability, to understand what the other person is trying to convey and say the same without changing the meaning of the context. This is pretty difficult when it comes to simultaneous interpretation, where the interpreter stands between the communicating parties who would talk in their own language which has to be conveyed to the other person in their language. One has to listen enough before saying the same, and the interpreter will not have time to think, they will have to talk immediately. Especially in public speaking where colloquially people start talking, it is important to know the culture and talk accordingly understanding the meaning and convey the same.

In spite of the differences in the skills, the knowledge and related, it is more important to be a person who has deep knowledge on the language. Either they are translating or interpreting, they are not just substituting words by word with the right one but the exact emotion of what it takes.

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