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Posted by  admin Posted On  September 30th, 2014

Since September 30, 1991 the world community has been celebrating the Professional Holiday of Translators and Interpreters as a recognition of their tremendous contribution to economic development, rapid technological change and promotion of international understanding.

The holiday was established by the International Federation of Translators (Federation Internationale des Traducteurs, FIT), which was founded in 1953 in Paris by Pierre-Francois Caille and today officially unites 107 associations from 60 countries and 80 thousand professional translators working with about 6-7 thousand languages used in international communication.


The holiday’s date coincides with the day of death of St. Jerome of Stridon (circa 347 – 420 AD), who is justly considered to have been one of the most learned fathers of the Christian Church and who is famous for his revision of the Latin version of the New Testaments and translation of the Old Testament (the so-called Vulgate). This translation took him 15 years – from 391 to 406. Nowadays translators from all over the world recognize him as the founding father of professional translation.

It is no doubt that translation is crucial for international life and development. If it were not for professional translators, the world progress would not have reached such a level, as today every developed country has its own “know-hows”, in which it has been the most successful, and this contributes to development of international ties and exchange of knowledge.

The need for translators and their services used to increase not only due to development of peaceful cooperation between the peoples, but, unfortunately, during colonial expansion and world wars, as well.

However, the world has fully understood the destructive nature of hostilities, and organisations aiming for international cooperation emerged. One of these is the United Nations, whose translators use the most wide-spread languages of the world (English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and French) as the official languages of the organisation, in which negotiations are held and documents are composed.

Today there are a lot of international organisations needing translation services. Translation is required for negotiating, making business, creating advertisements for target audience, etc. and simply for interpersonal interaction and in many other fields needing mutual understanding.

Now the world is called the Global Village. Rapid development of informational technologies increases capacities for international interaction and cooperation. Demand for translations grows day by day. Translation contributes to a closer communication between peoples, establishing peace all over the world, spreading and introducing new inventions and industrial processes, etc., helping nations to advance civilization.

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