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5 Tips to Effectuate Marketing Translation

5 Tips to Effectuate Marketing Translation

Posted by  admin Posted On  September 26th, 2014

Unlike informative documents, the marketing documents are required to accomplish a number of objectives. The marketing materials must impress the readers, keep them engaged, convey the desired message, and finally make them buy the product or service. That is why; marketing translation requires both specialized knowledge and superior translation skills.  While translating a press release, ad copy or any other marketing material, the translator must understand the cultural background behind the words. Also, he must keep some simple points in mind to effectuate advertisement translation.

5 Tips for Marketing Translation

1) Know the Target Audience

To covert the readers into customer, the marketing content must be translated by targeting the most relevant and receptive audience. Before translating the document, the translator must identify the most receptive audience for the product or message. Once he identifies the most receptive audience, it will be easier for the professional to localize the translated copy. He can even prepare multiple versions of the translated document by targeting audiences according to their region, age group and preferences.

2) Localize the Content

While translating a marketing material, the translator must localize the content fully by targeting specific audience. The complete localization of content will help the business in achieving more sales and inquiries. There are also chances that a single advertisement document may require multiple translations to target customers residing in the same country. He must localize all aspects of the document ranging from date format to unit of measurement.

3) Focus on the Whole Package

The translator must remember that only the translated content will not help a business in increasing sales numbers. So he must concentrate on the entire package to deliver more relevant and customized translated content. Along with the source text, the translator also needs to consider the layout, graphic and design. He may have to customize the translated text to optimize the advertisement’s overall look and feel.

4) Expand the Original Content

A single marketing material can be translated in a number of ways to target international audience. So the business must focus on translating the advertising materials for different channels of communication. For instance, a press release or ad copy needs to be completely different from website content and blogs. So the translated marketing materials need expansion according to the specific channel of communication to convey the desired message to that target audience.

5) Keep an Open Mind

To make product, service or brand recognizable among people residing in different regions, the marketing campaign must be consistent. A degree of consistency must be maintained throughout the marketing campaign popularize a product, service or brand. But the translator has to change the idea that work in the source language, as it may be irrelevant in a foreign language. So the marketing translator must keep his mind open to pick the right writing style and words.

At BelTranslation, we deploy native translators who know the native language and understand the cultural background behind the words. Based on their experience in translating a wide range of marketing materials, they also know the tricks of the trade to accomplish the desired goals by providing effective marketing translation.

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