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10 Common Mistakes While Translating a Website

10 Common Mistakes While Translating a Website

Posted by  admin Posted On  February 2nd, 2016
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Mistakes are a common occurrence while translating a website written in a different language or dialect. In a highly globalised world, most people make a common judgment error of not getting themselves acquainted with a second language. This forms the very base of mistakes while translating a website, and sometimes ecommerce sites as well. We have summarized some 10 common mistakes made while translating a website:

Taking help from Automatic Translation Services:

Automatic translation services are in no way inferior to human capabilities, and in fact, these tools can come in quite handy in times of urgency. However, in terms of understanding the exact meaning which a phrase or a sentence may convey, these tools show a clear deficit of translational expertise.

Translation tools owe their translation expertise to their memories, which serve as the mainstay of these digital tools. However, if any phrase or word is not registered in the digital memories, translation tools are bound to give incorrect interpretation.

Ignoring Search Engine Optimizations (SEO):

Every time you browse the web for some material related to your work, you should pay heed to the fact that Meta tags and web contents are SEO compatible. You should also understand the meaning of relevant search terms hold in each language, as word for word translations may not be available.

Assumption that one language is same everywhere:

The best example is the English language, which is greatly differentiated when it comes to UK and US English. Similarly, other languages like Portuguese, French and Spanish too differ in their respective regions. Expressions and vocabulary together can be used to express a great deal of meanings rather than vocabulary itself.

Translation of only a part of the Site:

Product descriptions, contact pages and other areas which carry a wider profile on your page may draw the attention most, and are one of the most widely translated areas available. However, areas which require a relatively lower profile like privacy policy, FAQs, shipping options, terms of use, etc should also be properly translated to facilitate maximum consumer compliance with the website.

Not translating the site at all:

In a globalised world, most people are more than familiar in a second language. However, this does not mean that websites should carry only one language, or should not pay heed to other languages in which the target customer is comfortable.

Allotment of customer service in one language only:

Customer services are one of the most indispensible forces when it comes to the bond between websites and clients. Clients should feel comfortable while addressing concerns; and the key to this is availability of language options which the client is accustomed to.

Ignorance of General Culture:

Ignorance of local culture and traditions may generate least amount of consumer traffic, and in some case negative responses. As an example, December 26th (also popularly called as Boxing Day) calls for one of the biggest shopping events in Commonwealth nations like Canada. If you decide to take a day off on that particular day, that’s a high tide for failure.

Not demonstration of currency or measurements in local symbols/languages:

Always opt for providing best customer compliance from websites by providing them with a range of services including conversion tables, charts, currencies and measurements. This will allow you site to function as a user friendly platform.

Apart from these, many other factors like ignoring context and not updating translations till last minute may cost dear to the traffic generated by your website. We at beltranslation.org specialize in providing solutions to all these concerns, with our highly experienced team of translators. We provide translations in more than 100 different languages including French, Arabic, Italian, German and many more. Our translation services are comparable to any other platforms available, with our services second to none in accuracy and efficiency. Partner with us without creating any drag on your pockets and generate record amount of traffic through your website.

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