We are an experienced international translation company. Our translation services include documents, advertising materials, technical manuals, business and financial translations, and website localization. We can help you speak the language of your target audience in just about any language.
All translations are done by native speakers with at least five years of professional experience. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal! We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality translation services to meet their business needs.
ACCURACY IS THE #1 PRIORITY AT BELTRANSLATION. Let Beltranslation work for you..
Our History : Translators have a profession with a centuries-old history. According to the Holy Scriptures, "the whole world had one language and a common speech" only "in the beginning", before the construction of the Tower of Babel. But after God "confused their language so that one person couldn't understand the speech of the other", translators were surely needed in a hurry.
Translation is one of the most ancient professions. The emergence of translation dates from the age of antiquity. As was the case for many areas of culture and science, Ancient Rome served as the cradle for the development of translation.


"Project managers Helen and Kate at Beltranslation are very professional and accurate. They guarantee 'top-end' translation services. Responsive and careful to details in everything.

-Claudio Nasso, L'AngoloGrafico. Milan, Italy

"I've been working with Beltranslation for several years now and I've never been disappointed. They always pick the right translator depending on the topic; they always make sure things are done within the deadline and, more important; the quality of the work is perfect and remains so over time.

-Swiss Financial Consulting Center. Geneva, Switzerland

"They have been translating for us since 2002 website contents and live news feed, which requires immediate translating. At Beltranslation, they do know how to do it. Glad there are with us!

-Advanced Currency Markets, a leading Forex online broker. Gland, Switzerland

"Beltrans has been an indispensable partner for our company and has been providing us with superior translations for several years. As an international e-commerce business, we have been expanding into several languages, which is key to our growth. Thanks to the speed, efficiency and quality of translations from Beltrans, we have been able to surpass our goals in global reach. Also, the products we offer have fairly technical descriptions and Beltrans finds the right people for the job. We have had many independent native speakers of each language verify the accuracy of the translations. Finally, what makes Beltrans such a great company is its high level of customer service and communication. This is critical in any business and Beltrans is one of the best

-Biovea.com. An international company with global outreach.


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We can fully translate your website for foreign markets around the globe. When your website is translated in French, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish and English .
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We offer professional translation services for texts from any field regardless of their complexity. Our agency is an established professional translation agency that has been .
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As in the past, written correspondence translation services play a key role in business and personal relations.Only a professional translator can translate in a manner where .
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